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About Trail Spice Travel

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Trail Spice Travel aims to assist adventurous and open-minded travelers who are ready immerse themselves in experiential travel.

I have done my fair share of exploring. I road tripped from Springfield, Missouri to New Orleans, Louisiana in a 1992 Ford Econoline that I camped out of with my partner and dog. I spent seven months working for a glamping company in Moab, Utah. On my weekends, you could find me roaming the Utah desert. I once rappelled 200 feet into a canyon near Zion National Park. I have camped on the Gulf of Mexico in 45 mile per hour winds. On summer weekends, I can be found exploring the Ozarks by kayak.

My experiences have taught me how much time, research, and logistical planning go into experiential travel.

This is why I created Trail Spice Travel. I am here to do the hard work for you before your trip so you can fully engage in learning the history of a quaint town, taste test street food that is important to a city and feel comfortable having a conversation with a local about their culture and way of life.

I understand that one travel plan does not fill all. My mission is to help travelers create an itinerary that fits their needs, wants, and budget so they can enjoy their travels to the fullest extent possible.

Trail Spice Travel is an agency that takes trip planning to the next level. A constant line of communication between agency and traveler to create an itinerary and guide that is detailed yet flexible, so you have what you need in the moment.

Image by Annie Spratt
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